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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Christmas Party Gifts & Accessories by Jacques Vert

Jacques Vert's statement jewellery and elegant clutch bags are perfect gifts to make a lasting style impression.

Garden Party Collar Necklace

Mixed Colour Crystal Necklace

Mixed Colour Stretch Bracelet

Semi Precious Cluster Necklace

Semi Precious Cluster Earrings

Pearl Crystal Drop Earrings

Pearl Crystal Collar Necklace

Garden Party Stud Earrings

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Festive Shoes & Mini-Bags by UNISA

 Unisa's selection of glamorous and festive shoes that play with texture and colour will have you ready to celebrate in style and comfort. Inject new life into your favourite party outfit and slip into a pair of , or dazzle in golden mules.
Complete every ensemble with a micro-bag that's mini in size and big on style in a variety of patterns and prints. 

DONNA- TIT Gold ballet pump

DALILA-STA Metallic pumps


PONCIO Burgundy Suede Ankle Boots with Tassle detail


 OLYMPO-TIT Gold heels
OLYMPO-PCR Black heels


KARISI-F17-STA Metallic ankle boots

PATRIC Lilac CrushedVelvet Chunky Heels 
 ZALARA_KS Red handbag
ZACA_VL Pink micro bag

ZACA_TIT Silver micro bag
ZACA_STA Metallic micro bag
ZALBA_MTS Purple metallic side bag
ZALBA_PA Pink Patent side bag
ZALBA_RI_PO Leopard side bag

ZDALI_RI_KS Black clutch

Here is the full Unisa AW17 Edit

For further information, high res images and credit details please contact:
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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Celebrity News: Alessandra Ambrosio wearing at Burning Man

Alessandra Ambrosio wears at Burning Man 

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio chose her looks for her first Burning Man from WEKOKO.COM, and featured them on her Instagram.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Hand Made Embellished Party Clutches and Cuffs by Buba

Each Buba bag is beautifully designed with intricate patterns and semi-precious stones, that are sure to steal the limelight at any party. Inspired by different cultures and full of exotic colours, whether for yourself or as a gift, Buba bags and purses will add some va-voom and sparkle to any outfit.
Karissa Satchel

Thursday, 31 August 2017

WHAX Launches a Unique Personalised Gift

New Candle Brand WHAX
Launches a Unique Personalised Gift

New candle brand, WHAX, has launched the WHAX Candle Gift Set together with the Personalised Label Service. Create your own WHAX candle with a personal message printed on a bespoke label and design of your choice.

Monday, 14 August 2017

320 MHz Launches its New Next Generation Bio-Energetic Serum Oils


320 MHz Launches its New
Next Generation Bio-Energetic Serum Oils

  • 320 MHz is a new independent 100% natural vegan skincare brand.
  • New for Winter '17 is its range of next generation supercharged bio-energetic serum oils.
  • Combining its signature full spectrum aromatherapy grade Moringa and Organic Rose Otto base oils, the new range also includes active bio-energetic extracts.
  • Plant Me Botanics is also committed to biodiversity and preserving ancient botanicals in small communities with the Green World Campaign and so with every purchase from the 320MHz range, a Moringa tree is  planted in Africa in your honour.
  • All oils are packaged in photo-biotic glass that removes the harmful rays of light and protects the energy of the oils.

Inspired by the ancient disciplines of holistic healing, aromatherapy and advanced  botanic science, while working with two of the most advanced bio-energetic laboratories in Britain and France, founder Paul Berrow created this 100% pure and sustainable range, with zero compromise on quality. Harnessing the holistic power of nature's gifts without the use of toxic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, preservatives or animal testing.

The new line - LAUNCHING IN OCTOBER 2017 - features four products:

  • Sleep Elixir - an age regenerative overnight serum that combines the ‘retinoid-like’ action of Rock Samphire and properties of Lavandula extract* to gently exfoliate skin, increase cell turnover and plump fine lines and wrinkles. Delivering full spectrum nutrition whilst you sleep without causing the notorious skin irritation or the increased photosensitivity associated with Vitamin A retinoids.

  • Eye Line Elixir - an age-regenerative eye serum made with active Lavandula extract* and Tears of Chios which together deliver youth protein, diminished fine lines and reactivate the detoxification process, thus radically improving the skin's natural ability to eliminate waste from cells, making the complexion clearer and more radiant.

* Lavandula extract acts as a 'botanical botox' due to its muscle relaxing properties that instantly minimises fine lines and wrinkles

  • Hydration Recovery Serum - this replenishing serum uses a combination of Samphire and Ephemer active ingredients - which promotes all day moisture retention and increased antioxidant activity within the mitochondria - along with Oat Seed and Baobab Oil to provide a further dose of lipids and lock moisture deep into the skin. Olive Squalane aids in faster cell turnover and makes it a great aftercare product for dermatological treatments such as as micro needling, due to the  soothing, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties of Oat, Moringa and Baobab oil.

  • Solar UV Repair Serum - this is the first of the 'Bio-Energetic' Serum range and is already available to buy online here. The combination of the cooling metal roller ball and the anti inflammatory properties of the Golden Seaweed Extract, Neroli and Baobab oil moisturise, hydrate and repair skin after sun exposure.

Further information on the Bio-Energetic Serum Range can be downloaded here.

Editor’s Footnotes:

  • Josh Wood was one of the initial stores to snap up the first few batches of the classic Rose Otto range. The range is now also used in The Notting Hill Lazeo Clinic across all their treatments.
  • Fans include Yasmin le Bon, Laura Bailey, Trinny Woodall, Charlotte Tilbury, Amanda Lacey, and Lucinda Chambers.

Rose Otto enhances wellbeing, affecting both olfactic senses and physiology and traditionally used to calm and uplift. 320MHz uses the finest aromatherapy grade Bulgarian Rose Otto oil, considered the best in the world. An essential oil that has no equal in aromatherapy, 50 rose heads are steam distilled to make a single precious droplet. And the name ‘320 Mhz’ is a homage to the natural high frequency  and intense olfactory power which calms and heals the body with this extraordinary essential oil.

The Moringa Tree has been known as the miracle tree since the time of the Pharaohs and has extraordinary healing qualities and superfood status which still resonates to this day. This exquisite oil forms the basis of the 320 MHz formulas. An oil chosen by the Pharaohs to take with them to their graves and found within the Pyramids so that they might achieve everlasting beauty in the afterlife. Rich in essential fatty acids, it's an ideal moisturiser that heals and soothes.

New release Neroli and Rose Otto Bio-Energetic 320MHz range includes:
           Sleep Elixir, 30ml £78
            Eye Line Elixir, 10ml £48
             Hydration Recovery Serum, 30ml £75
            Solar UV Repair Serum, 30ml £48

Classic Rose Otto  320MHz range includes:
Rose Otto Body Oil, 100ml £90
Rose Otto Hydrating Face Mask , 30 ml £36
Rose Otto Anti-Age Holistic Night Repair, 30 ml £64
Rose Otto Hydrate Holistic Day Nutrition, 30 ml £64
Rose Otto Revive Hand & Nail Repair, 30 ml £48
                   Anti-Age & Hydrate gift set, £107

Prices range from £36 to £107, the Classic Rose Otto Range and the Solar UV Repair are available to buy online now.
The New Bio-Energetic Range will be available in October:
For further information or high-res images please contact:
+ 44 (0) 20 33021420